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.......... are committed to develop a high quality, professionally groomed educational manpower, possessing multifaceted personality, respect for professional and social ethics, national values and the spirit of human emancipation. We commit ourselves to continually upgrade the curriculum matching with global needs and priorities, the delivery methodology and the infrastructure facilities through periodic self-assessment and formal reviews.

         We are further committed to the welfare and professional development of our employees by providing necessary opportunities and facilities for their self-development in a conducive and congenial environment, promoting teamwork and proactive participation.

         The social context of education in India presents number of challenges. The education system does not function in isolation from the society of which it is a part. Hierarchies of caste, economic status and gender relations, cultural divergence, uneven economic development that characterizes Indian society influence not only accesses to education but also participation of students in college.

         Education should develop in students a commitment to the values enshrined in the constitution of India; these values are respect for democracy, understanding the importance of equality, justice, freedom, concern for others’ well being, respect for secularism, human dignity and rights.

         Appreciation of beauty and art forms is an integral part of human life. Education must have the way for a student to develop and increase his/her creative expression. Education should promote values that faster peace, humanness and tolerance in a multicultural society.

Dr. D. P. Singh


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